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How it works


We set the program objectives to align with your company's main goals to ensure that the success of the program will benefit your organization.


Our creative program directors and education experts design the program, planning activities or workshop that will constitute your even, hackathon or accelerator program.


It is not just about having the right curriculum but mostly about getting the right participant and scouting will ensure getting the right deal flow to be as much selective as possible.


We bring the best experts needed to ensure they get the value they where expected and really grow their business. We also keep the participant engaged with fun activities and challenges.

Our mission

Accelerating the creation of positive impact from innovative solutions by empowering the startup ecosystem through events, hackathon, programs and connections between entrepreneurs and large corporations. 

Helping corporations, foundations and NGOs to find their way in the impact world to find the solution they need to transform their operations, productions, supply chains and products or services and be climate ready.

Our vision

We believe a sustainable future will be a future of collaboration and our work is dedicated to enable more of it accross various types of organizations and players to succeed in creating a better future.

We clearly see our role to facilitate, bridge connect those collaboration and to do it in a mindful way because if we ease the entrepreneurship journey it will only enable more and more solutions to emerge.

We’re a passionate group of people building a sustainable future.

Gathering a large group of experts, entrepreneurs and leaders our community is at the forefront of impact and entrepreneurship andleverage its global footprint to find the best entrepreneurs and scale their startup internationally.

  • Global community of experts and leaders

  • Experienced entrepreneurs who exited their company

  • Industry experts who helps bring the right early partners

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